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The first platform launched by Seastems Group, Yacht Harbour was launched in 2014 by Dimitri Semenikhin and quickly grew into the leading platform in the yachting, digital media space. Shedding a light on an otherwise opaque market, Yacht Harbour became known for opening access to information on the yachting market both through its superyacht marketplace - the largest in yachting - and its news feed. Welcoming over 2 million visitors per year, Yacht Harbour indexes all superyachts for charter and for sale and covers day to day news, being used as a reference source by some of the most influential media companies in the world. Its latest innovation came with the Timeline platform, think of it like a 'Bloomberg terminal for yachting'.


  • Sector :

    Yachting, Media

  • Launch :

    December 2014

  • Reach :

    8.4m impressions/m

  • Website :


  • Products :

    Advertising, Intelligence, Marketplace

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